Make everything work perfectly in Erase It! Sometimes when you look at things, you may think like something is wrong there. You probably like to erase all the things that seem out of place then. Now, you have a chance to make everything appear perfectly in place, so get to work now!

In this fun game, you will be given a series of pictures. As you may have already guessed, these pictures have something wrong with them. Some tiny detail doesn’t seem to belong there, or more importantly, something seems to be missing. So, keep an eye on what the descriptions or the commands above the pictures tell you. In some pictures, those commands will ask you to find what is wrong with the picture, and in some, you will be asked for a hidden object. In these cases, you should use your cursor to erase some parts from these paintings. For example, if you are trying to find a hidden object, you should try to erase some other objects until you find the correct thing to erase. For other tasks, you will need to use your wits to get the wordplay in the command and erase things accordingly. Now, get your eraser ready and spend some fun time with this relaxing easy game!

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OneTwoPlay developed Erase It.

Release Date
December 03, 2021

2D colorful graphics
Multiple levels to complete
Wordplays and puzzles to solve
Intuitive skills
Relaxing and fun game experience

You can use your mouse to erase objects.