Become a fox and devour delicious eggs in Egg Farm! As a sly fox, slink your way into the farm and try your best to complete as many levels as you can by eating eggs!

Foxes are energetic creatures and their vulpine nature makes them smart animals! In this game, you take control of one and try to eat eggs through multiple different levels. On each level, you have to eat a specific number of eggs to progress. Your fox will stay at the bottom of the screen and you can control him with the arrow keys. Chickens will enter the level and lay eggs. Move left and right to catch them. In the top left corner, you will see hearts. These represent your lives. You will lose a life each time you miss an egg. You have three lives per level, so be careful. But don't worry! Sometimes, a special chicken will arrive and lay a special egg. These eggs will give a you random power-up, such as a bigger mouth or even an egg magnet! You can check how many eggs you have collected and how many more you have to collect to complete the level from the top of the screen. Have fun playing!

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TuuT developed Egg Farm.

Release Date

January 18, 2024


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Multiple different levels to complete
  • Various power-ups to collect


Use the arrow keys to play.