Get ready for a test of quick reaction in Down the Hill! If you trust your reflexes and quick-thinking skills, this is the challenge for you! Move your character left and right in a race against time while all tiles come with consequences! Escape lava blocks, avoid spike traps, and collect gems to expand your treasure!

Follow the tutorials to learn your way around the fantastic block land, and you are ready to write your own destiny! Use left and right move commands to choose where you land on your next move. There are randomly generated threats and opportunities coming at you with each move, but no worries; with enough practice and the right strategies, you can collect the gems and potions while getting no harm from the nearby traps. Each tile has its unique threat, so you must experience them all to see how they react to being stepped on. While there is no escape from lava blocks, most tiles are easy to survive if you know the way. Avoid shattered blocks at all costs, be careful not to get run over by cars, and swim your way out of the rivers to get further and reach new scores!

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Agame developed Down the Hill.

Release Date

August 25, 2023


  • Cute characters and unlockable skins
  • Easy to play
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Improving reflexes and strategy skills
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse or the arrow keys to play.