In Dotted Girl Family Day, Dotted Girl invites you to her house to show the behind the scenes of a superhero's life. Even a superhero needs to spend some time with her family and chillax. But in our famous heroine's case, that's not really possible. She recently gave birth to twins and is quite busy. Do you think you can lend a helping hand to her?

Superheroes are famous for helping people when they need it. But they may also require the help of others sometimes. In this game, your objective is to help this lady clean the house and take care of the babies. Our superhero has her hands full with everything she needs to today so let's get to work now! We need to get rid of dirty diapers, the clothes are all over the floor and we can't leave them like that. We also need to declutter the house and make sure the room is clean. The windows are also so dirty that we can't even see outside. After we clean the windows, we can finally take care of the babies. We need to change their diapers, give them toys to play with, and feed them. After that, we can swaddle them in a blanket and our work here is done. Do you think you will be able to do all these things? There's only one way to find out! Have fun playing!

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SisiGames developed Dotted Girl Family Day.

Release Date

March 28, 2017.


  • Babies to take care of
  • Easy controls
  • Fun gameplay
  • Nice 2D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.