In Dino Jigsaw, dinosaurs are back! These gigantic creatures may have gone extinct, but that doesn't stop their images from decorating jigsaw puzzles. Facing one in real-life would be a problem, but these animals are safe to play in this game! Are you ready to travel to the time when dinosaurs ruled the world through this fun game?

Just like the real-life puzzles, your objective in this browser-based game is to complete each puzzle as fast as you can. The game features 9 different dinosaur images for you to choose, so be sure to check them all before deciding on one. Some of them have more details, while others have fewer features. Once you decide on an image, you can pick the number of pieces you want to play with. You have 4 choices. For beginners, you can select 16 pieces. If you trust yourself, you can start with 36 pieces. Up for a challenge? Then go ahead and pick 64 or even 100 pieces! You can use your mouse to play the game. Click on a piece and drag it into the frame. Once you place it next to the correct one, they'll stick to each other, and you can move them around as one piece. In the bottom right corner of the screen, you can toggle the original image on and off if you're having trouble. Have fun!

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New Kids Games developed Dino Jigsaw.

Release Date

June 25, 2019


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 9 different images to choose
  • 4 different difficulties
  • Relaxing gameplay


Use your mouse to play this game.