Get down on the war arena and fight for your army in Desire IO! There are tens of soldiers around and you are in a cut-throat war. Get your gun and fight all the way until you get the victory flag!

Desire IO is a free first person shooter game that is open to many real-time players at the same time. The feel of fighting against real-time rivals cannot compare to any other kind of rivalry. So, get ready to use your weapon in the best way to shoot away your rivals. The game works in game rooms. When there are enough online opponents and teammates, you can start a war. The system lets the side with more headcount at the game ending time win. You will respawn once you get shot, but that will cost you a point and win a headcount to the opponent party. There is also the tournament mode that unlocks at the third level in which you can try to become the champion. Try to get your ranking as good as possible to earn coins and spend the money you collect on unlocking new characters and weapons.

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Illusions Games developed Desire IO.

Release Date

August 02, 2022


Realistic 3D graphics

Characters to unlock

io gameplay with real-time players

First-person shooter game

Tournament mode unlocks at the third level


You can use the cursor to find the way, the arrow keys and the WASD keys to move and the left click to shoot.