Run as fast as you can to save your life in Danger Dash! Dangerous tigers started following you just when you were minding your own business as the venturesome hunter you are in the middle of the wildlife. Now, you must run like there’s no tomorrow to flee the tigers!

Come and enjoy the excitement of being this close to the hungry huge tigers following you. Now, all you need is to run fast enough that the tigers can’t reach you. This won’t be as easy as it’s said, though. In the middle of this rainforest, the roads are full of barriers and other obstacles that will make you fall. Once you fall, you are gone for good. So, always be on the run and look out for obstacles. You can avoid them by jumping over and sliding under them or changing lanes in an agile way when needed. On the road, make sure to collect the coins you very much need to upgrade your skills as a survivor! Just click on the shop button and see how much you need to spend on what to be a better runner. Also, always keep an eye on your achievements from the goals section and observe your progress!

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Gameloft SE developed Danger Dash.

Release Date

October 13, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Rewarded ad available to respawn if you fail

Upgradable skills

Extra exp unlocked with daily missions to complete


You can use the arrow keys to change lanes, slide down or jump.