Slink your way into the arena and devour everything on your way to earn a high score in Anaconda Runner! Take control of this hungry serpent and try your best to earn the most points through dozens of challenging levels!

You take control of an anaconda in this game, and these serpents are known for their big appetite! Your objective in this game is to grow your slithering character as big as you can before reaching the finish line in each level. You can use your mouse to play the game. Click and hold your left mouse button on the screen and move it left and right to control the snake. You should eat orbs and snakes shorter than you to grow in size. You will also encounter gates on your way. Be sure to pass through the one that will increase your size. There will be lots of different obstacles on your way. Avoid hitting them as best as you can. Once you reach the end of the level, your snake will move to the score multipliers. The bigger your snake the bigger the score multiplier you will get. Completing levels will reward you with money. These can be used to unlock new snakes and accessories! Enjoy!

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Developer developed Anaconda Runner.

Release Date

April 11, 2024


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Dozens of different levels
  • Various character skins
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play.