Cyberpunk: Resistance is here to give you a chance to take your place in the final battle and determine the fates of the last surviving humans and androids! Join the troops, grab your weapon, and fight the robots to regain control of the streets that originally belonged to your kind!

Join the last warriors of humanity and fight for your freedom against the machines built by your ancestors! These robots gained consciousness and built armies to destroy your race, but you still have one last chance to turn it all back. Join a team of survivors, set out on a battlefield built among the tall buildings of a futuristic city, and protect your comrades as they protect you. Use every opening to shoot the androids but be careful not to get shot. Crouch between platforms, sneak around, and headshot the enemy if you can! You get paid for each successful mission, so do not forget to check out the shop between games to see if there are any new options. You can always come back to this shop to get new weapons, gear, and characters. Work hard with your soldiers to protect the next generations from the wrath of robots and save the world!

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Justaliendev developed Cyberpunk: Resistance.

Release Date

August 9, 2022


Amazing 3D graphics

Stunning Cyberpunk themed city

An open map with lots of places to hide

An in-game shop


“W, A, S, D” to move, spacebar to jump, left shift to sprint, “C” to crouch, and mouse to aim and shoot.