Try to find your way through the Curvy Road! You have a tiny red ball in your hands, and this curvy road is a tough one. Try to balance your ball and go as far as you can on this road while breaking more and more glasses on the way. Can you manage to stay in the lane and take a long way on this road?

Once you leave your ball on top of this downhill, it takes a great speed and starts running through the road. The road here is full of curves, and you should manage to move your red ball very rapidly. Otherwise, your ball may easily fall off the edges of this flying road. The curves are so frequent in this road, that you should always keep an eye on how tilted you are going and should balance the ball accordingly. If you accidentally fall off an edge, you still have a chance to survive, though. Since this endless road exists of curves and is floating in the air, if you are lucky enough to find your way, you can easily fall onto some following part of the road. This will not only save your round but also you'll be falling somewhere further on the road. Let's go as far as you can and break as many glasses as you can!

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MarketJS developed Curvy Road.

Release Date
November 18, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Challenging gameplay
• Intuitive controls
• Endless road

You can use the arrow keys of your computer to rotate the ball.