Cursed or not, it’s time to protect your treasures in Cursed Treasure 1½! You have the most important treasures in the world, the red, green, and blue gems of the temple. Your enemies decided to attack you and get them. So, get ready to protect your temple.

This is a strategy game with FRP gameplay where you can imagine yourself as the sole defender of your famously mystical temple. Just like a tower defense game, you will be placing the defense mechanisms you got on the grids of the dim passages. You have the chance to build a good strategy and place your dens, crypts, and temples. You just need to know that dens can be placed on grass, crypts on snow, and temples on the rock. When you are ready let your enemies send waves of soldiers. You need to get over the given number of waves of soldiers through 15 levels. While the enemy is on the move, you can cast curses like cutting trees or throwing meteors. You will be earning coins with each soldier you defeat, and you can use them on the go to get new defense systems. Let’s see if you can complete all the levels in this exciting strategy game.

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IriySoft developed Cursed Treasure 1½.

Release Date

September 01, 2022


2D graphics

Strategic thinking

Various spells to cast for a better chance to win

15 levels with many waves of enemies


You can use the left-click to choose the grids where you want to place the defense systems.