Let off some steam on sunny days on your farm with Corn Hole 3D! Get matched with tough opponents, get onto the platform, and throw bags of corn kernels toward the goal! Get your bag on the board or into the hole to score points and defeat your opponent in four turns!

Welcome to your new favorite garden activity! You can now get matched with neighbors, challenge them to a game of skill, and make money off your victories! You can start the first level to grasp the mechanics. Hold the bag, and slide it across the field to take a shot. You have four turns to pass the enemy's score. Getting the bag on the board gets you one point while getting it through the hole gets you three. Adap to the obstacles and environments of the changing levels, and keep defeating your opponents. Unlock the league matches by passing levels, and put money to enter more challenging matches. You can double your money by winning these games. Go to the game shop, and unlock new skins for your character, bag, and board to customize the game. Make it to the highest league and unlock all skins to discover your style in the field.

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RoshanGames developed Corn Hole 3D.

Release Date

October 12, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

Unlockable character, bag, and board skins

Surprise features and modes

Addictive levels

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game. Hold the bag, and slide it toward the goal.