Find the ingredients and help Sara cook with Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure! The restaurant is extra crowded these days, but luckily, you are here to help Sara with her market list! Take quests, match items, and give them to her to feed the customers! Let’s learn more about your new job!

Sara does the cooking in this kitchen. But nowadays, she is quite busy with all the attention from the neighbors, so she needs a hand with the shopping. As the restaurant’s new employee, you can get the list and grab everything Sara needs! Do not worry; you don’t have anything to do with the planning part; she has all the quests ready! Just follow the instructions, get some help until you get the logic of the work, and you will be fine! Hold and swap ingredients to move them. Aligning three or more ingredients is the only way of getting them, so focus on matching what is on the list. Matching more than three items rewards you with boosters with cute kitchen symbols. These boosters can help you get rid of everything in an area and make some extra points! Try them all and enjoy the sparkly animations!

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Agame developed Cook and Match: Sara’s Adventure.

Release Date

August 2022


Nice graphics

Cute ingredients design and cooking-theme

Hints and tips

In-game shop

Unlockable boosters

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.