In Color Tunnel, experience a vibrant course filled with a wide range of colors and various obstacles in an ever-changing route. Can you keep up with the pace of this curvy tunnel between the dazzling color shifts and unpredictable obstacles? It's time to put your reflexes and your eye-hand coordination to test in this popular and amazing game!

Is there an end to this tunnel? There isn't! A maelstrom of colors surrounds you constantly, trying to divert your attention from the road. Your objective is to travel through this endless track as far as you can without crashing. The gameplay might seem challenging, but the controls are quite simple! Use the left and the right arrow keys to move around in the tunnel, and avoid the obstacles. These come in many different shapes and types. They can be stationary as well as mobile, so you should always be careful! In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see the distance you've traveled. Just across that, you can see your speed. You start the game inside a tunnel, but something is waiting for you at the end of it. No, it is not the light, but a portal! When you reach that, it'll take you to the next level. You'll travel to the outside of the tunnel, and have to face more challenging obstacles there. Once you reach a portal again, you'll travel back in the tunnel again. You might fail at the first few tries, but with enough patience and confidence, you can break your record!

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Color Tunnel was made by Royale Gamers.


  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Various obstacles
  • Colorful world with 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls


Use the left and right arrow keys to move around.