The classic is here with more colors and more fun in Color Snake 3D! Everyone enjoys the great snake game and dragging the flexible snake only to grow it to a chaotic length. This version brings difference and ease to the classic game, though. Are you ready to explore a new dimension of the classic snake game?

In this version of the classic game, you will be dealing with a linear platform where you need to drag the snake through colorful obstacles. You aim to drag the snake through the obstacles of various shapes in the same color as the snake. When there is a line from one end to the other of the platform that you can’t avoid, you can simply pass through it to change the color of the snake. Just be careful to adapt to the new color and go on dragging the cursor accordingly. Collect coins after each successful level and use those coins to unlock funny skins to spice up your game!

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YAD.Com developed Color Snake 3D.

Release Date

September 15, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Multiple levels

Skins to unlock

Spin the wheel to try your luck!


You can use the cursor to drag the snake through the platform.