City Construction Simulator Excavator Games

Construct a whole new city in City Construction Simulator Excavator Games! The hardest part of a process is to begin the hard work. While constructing a whole new city, the same applies. The hardest part of this process is the construction with trucks and all. Are you ready to handle this work?

In this game, you are taking a role in the construction as the driver of the construction truck. Through many levels, you will be driving your truck through the streets of this new city to take some objects to where they need to be. You have ten levels in this game. At each level, your task and where you are located changes according to the tasks you have. Carry stones from one place to another, helping the ongoing process by running things slowly. When you begin each level, you can follow the direction shown by the arrow on top of your truck. When you reach the aimed spot, park your truck, and let the game do the rest. Let’s see if you can complete all the tasks within the given time limit at all levels!

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CarGames.Com developed City Construction Simulator Excavator Games.

Release Date

March 10, 2022


• 3D realistic graphics

• 10 levels to complete

• Interactive road graphics to drive through

• Various objectives at each level


You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to drive the trucks.