Escape from the robber as fast as you can in Cat Runner! When you were minding your own business with your well-deserved coins, a man came and started following you. He wants to rob you! You should escape him, but your way is full of obstacles. Can you save your money and get away with this robber?

In this game, you are playing as one of the most beloved cats of all time. Chubby, chatty, and a total cutie. But he is now in trouble. One of the bad guys is trying to rob you when all you were doing was chill on your own. It's all up to you to save yourself and your coins. If you can run as fast as you can, you are good to go. Be careful, though. Your way is full of obstacles. Some of these obstacles are busses, cars, or barricades. If you hit those obstacles, you will slow down or be trapped in the robber's hands. So, try to run very carefully and always have a clear lane. Don't forget that you have a chance to use your skateboard or some other vehicles that you can unlock. Of course, last but not least, you will be collecting many coins on the way. This means that you will have the chance to upgrade your points and your coins. You can shop and buy new skins with those coins. So, be sure to play the game carefully, complete the daily tasks and get your daily rewards!
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SoftGames Azerion developed River Adventure.

Release Date
November 2021

• 3D radiant graphics
• Challenges to overcome
• Intuitive controls
• Many different levels

You can use the keyboard keys or the left and right arrow buttons on the screen.