Put on your racing helmet and get ready to leave a trail of light behind you in Car Stunt Racing 3D! In this action-packed fast-paced racing game, you have a single objective. Can you prove you are the fastest driver?

Your objective in this game is to win each race you participate in by finishing the race in the first place. If you are ready to reach the breakneck speeds, let's go! To start a race, click on the Match button at the bottom right corner. Joining a race will remove a gas tank from your bank and you can keep track of how many you have at the top on the main menu. When you join a race, your car will move forward on its own, but you should use the A and the D keys to move left and right to avoid obstacles and overtake your opponents. A little bit of extra speed won't hurt anyone! If you feel like you are being left behind, click on the Nitor button to boost your speed. Try your best to collect nitro tanks to fill your nitro tank. Make sure to collect all the money you see on your way as well. You can use the money to modify and upgrade your vehicle! As you complete races, you will progress through unlocking better cars. Good luck!

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YAD.com developed Car Stunt Racing 3D.

Release Date

June 20, 2024


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Different cars to unlock
  • Different upgrades to apply


Use the A and the D keys to move left and right.