Get ready to have the sweetest blast of your life in Candy Tile Blast! If you enjoy match-3 games and like to crush candies, it’s time for you to make your way into crushing them all in this fun puzzle game with colorful graphics.

In this game, you will be presented with a total of 60 levels. For each level, you will be given a limited number of moves and some objectives to complete. These objectives are on the number of different candy types you need to collect by removing from the grid. At each level, you will see a dynamically changing set of candies. You can collect a group of candies that are formed by the same candies coming together. Simply click on one of the candies which will make the whole group disappear. You need to choose a group of two tiles or more to remove them. Having collected several candies, you will see a new wave of candies coming and some candies changing places. Beware that you will fail the level if you can’t collect enough candies within the limited number of moves. Now, start your sweet adventure and see how far you can go through these sixty levels.

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Developer developed Candy Tile Blast.

Release Date

September 06, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

60 levels

Move count on the top right corner

Surprise bonuses at each level


Left-click on the tile you want to remove and collect.