If you have a sweet tooth and enthusiasm for matching games, Candy Match is just the right thing for you! Gummies, jellybeans, hard candies; we have everything you might be craving! Solve the sweetest mysteries and complete quests in this colorful land. Get prizes and random gifts regularly and buy helping special moves!

The rule is very simple; you are given an assignment at every level, like collecting ten green jellybeans, and you can do so by aligning at least three of them. Combine super candies you get by matching four or five candies to trigger combos. Don’t let the sweet theme fool you; the levels get more challenging with every new step. But worry not; that’s why we have boost moves! You can use them when you get stuck one step away from victory. Complete levels with high scores and unlock special treasure chests by collecting stars. Spin the prize wheel to earn extra coins you can use to buy more exclusive moves later as you advance in the game. Watch short ads to get an extra spin. Complete hundreds of levels and face more complicated puzzles while progressing. Improve your strategies to avoid failure and keep your lives full.

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Softgames-Azerion developed Candy Match.

Release Date

September 17, 2021


Cute and vibrant candy theme

Easy to play

Improving strategy skills

Fun for all ages

Unlockable game boosts


You can use your mouse to hold and swipe candies.