Build your fairy world by shooting balls with Bubble Shooter Pop It Now! With an adorable and loyal pet and a pair of fairy wings, who can stop you from breaking records? Shoot the same-colored bubbles to make them pop, and keep up with the increasing game speed in this infinite challenge!

This challenge is a great mixture of fairylands and bubble-shooting games! Here, you get to shoot as many bubbles as you want, get paid in gold for it, and buy new pets and fairy wings to blend into your new home! To start, choose among the two avatar options, and begin the tutorial. The tutorial teaches you how to aim and shoot the bubbles. Use the walls to bounce the balls to reach the spots you can not. Warm up to the shooting techniques while your pet encourages you for combo moves. The game speed increases as you move forward, so watch out for the balls getting too close to the line. You can use the boosters to freeze time or clean a small area or an entire color group! Keep breaking new score records and enjoy the companionship of the most amazing support animals of the fairylands!

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Gismart developed Bubble Shooter Pop It Now.

Release Date

November 15, 2022


Cute magical pets

Unlockable skins

Vibrant and colorful bubbles

Special boosters

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play.