It's time to put all that physics education to work in Bouncy Motors! Invite a friend to challenge them against gravity, draw routes for your car to follow, or destroy groups of stickmen to test your kill rate against a time limit! Earn money rewards and use them in the game shop to customize your vehicles and continue your explorations with style!

Get ready for three fun game modes that can be played in single and multiplayer! Your new favorite challenge has arrived, and it has lots of features to explore! Invite your friend, warm up your fingers, and get started with the first level! Here in the main mode, you must break time records on a parkour platform with your car. Use the basic controls to drive your car and keep it balanced while speeding through ramps, jumping over bridges, and surviving crashes. You can go back to the main menu to switch modes and try playing in the two-player. Customize the cars for both sides at the customizations page, and now you are ready to see who is better at driving! Try to reach the end of the last level, explore all the uniquely designed stages, and break new records!

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Mewton Games developed Bouncy Motors.

Release Date

June 21, 2023


  • 3 fun modes
  • Unlockable features
  • 1P and 2P options
  • Available on mobile


You can use "W, A, S, D" and the arrow keys to play.