Handling explosives and trying to blow up your opponents is serious business and requires full dedication to be successful. Challenge yourself with another game from the popular Bomb It series, Bomb It Mission! The days of playing the cute player are over! The frozen robotic smile on your face hides the ambitious grin of the killing machine beneath. Are you ready to step onto the battlefield and take control of the arena with your explosives as you try to reach your opponents? Through many missions, you will find that multiple obstacles, even fruit, could prevent you from reaching your objective. Blow things up and watch your step, as your enemies are also trying to become the victor!

Change is always good. Offering different gameplay experience from the other popular titles in the Bomb It series, Bomb It Mission breathes new life into this amazing game series. Choose from 8 different characters and become the ultimate destructive force through fun and addictive missions. Combining the objectives from the different game modes of the other games of the serie in 18 different levels, you will have a different objective as the player in each level. From killing all of your enemies to collecting coins, you will have a chance to prove your skills through these entertaining and fast-paced missions. Ready to start? If so, press the start button and select a level. At first, only the first level will be unlocked. As you complete levels you can unlock the next one. You can see that each level carries a different symbol on it, and these symbols will help you guess what the objective of each level is. Once you select a level, you will be greeted by the character selection screen. You can choose from 8 different characters. Select the one you like the most and get ready for explosions! Use your mouse to click on the controller located at the bottom left corner of the screen to control your character and click on the bomb icon at the bottom right corner to drop a bomb.

Don’t worry about the ringing sound in your ears — it will pass. While you are waiting, why not check out our collection of other Bomb It games? Try out the sequel Bomb It 7 and have fun playing it!


  • 18 missions to complete
  • 8 different characters to choose
  • Addictive gameplay
  • 2D graphics


Use your mouse to control your character and drop bombs.