It is time to party with the Disney princesses! What is the best activity after eating a cake at a birthday party? Face painting, of course! Join the fun in our amazing game, Birthday Face Painting! With three well known Disney princesses at the make-up station, give them cool and beautiful face paint designs. What kind of look will you choose for the pretty princesses?

Birthday Face Painting takes you to a birthday party where everyone is having lots of fun with different activities. But the most popular activity is face painting, and everyone wants you to draw nice designs on their face with the colorful paints you have. Grab your brush, dip it into the vibrant paints, and start adding color to the faces of the three beautiful princesses. On the left side of the screen, you can see the categories, which include different accessories and even clothes! Click on a category to open it. Choose a face paint design from the first category and then move on to the lipstick section. Add a matching or contrasting lip color to your model. Birthday parties are all about fun, so you can go crazy with your designs! Once you bring color to the princesses’ faces, it is time to add nice little details. What about a puppy-ears headband or tiara? Add a necklace and a pair of earrings and give them a new dress so they can look their best! Try to give three different princesses three different looks, and they will be ready to party!

Princesses are both pretty and strong! Have you checked the amazing adventures of Princess Juliet? If not, go and check the game Princess Juliet Zoo Escape to help her. Have fun!


  • 3 different Disney princesses
  • Colorful graphics
  • Lots of options to change the looks of the princesses
  • 5 different categories


Use your mouse to play Birthday Face Painting.