Enjoy this year's Christmas spirit with Beaver's Blocks! Ready your gingerbread, hang your socks, and step up for this classic puzzle challenge! Place the wooden blocks on the table, fill the rows horizontally and vertically, cover the 3x3 areas, and break the tiles! Improve your logic skills while living the Christmas spirit to the fullest!

Spend your favorite holiday with your family, solving these logic puzzles together! Open your gifts and gather your loved ones around to invite them to a puzzle challenge! Fill the spaces with the random pieces you get and see how far you can make it! Your only opponent is your best score. The infinite gameplay offers an endless challenge that increases with each move and forces you to look from different angles to clear more space. Stick to the corners to keep the middle areas open for surprises, and try to fill the spaces effectively. Always keep a second plan for the incoming three pieces because anything can happen in this game. Staying calm and searching the table carefully is the key to success. Use the available pieces to get out of critical situations and get back to the top! Get better with practice and see the highest score you can get!

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Nord Beaver developed Beaver's Blocks.

Release Date

December 15, 2022


Infinite gameplay

Random and challenging pieces

Fun Christmas theme

Fun for all ages

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.