Weave beautiful masterpieces in Beaver Weaver! Weaving brings the best out of any person with the slightest artistic view. Choose your drawings and weave them to get the prettiest canvases.

In this cross-stitching game, you will have tens of various drawings which you can work on to create many weaving masterpieces. Choose one of the many pictures that are separated into categories like flowers, landscapes, or new year. You should, then, observe how the drawings are split into little squares where you will first choose one of the different colors of threads and click on the relevant area on the pattern. Depending on how successful you are in the game and the number of levels you completed, you will earn some bonus methods of weaving, too. For instance, as you are embroidering the selected drawings, you can also try out the needle which lets you quickly paint several rows of embroidery of the same color. There is also the thread ball that lets you paint over all the cells in the given scope at once. Now, given all these tips above, start creating your embroidery masterpieces!

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Nord Beaver developed Beaver Weaver.

Release Date

October 17, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Detailed embroidery tutorial

Multiple themes of patterns

Extra embroidery methods to earn


Click left and drag the cursor to cross-stitch.