Use marvelous marbles to shoot up the arena with Marble Puzzle Blast! Lose yourself in the colors of the butterflies and flowers; this fantastic journey will give you a break from the boring and stressful daily life while improving your reflexes with addictive challenges in vivid colors!

Aim, shoot, and watch the colors dissolve into a relaxing natural scene with satisfying visual effects! This puzzle offers you increasingly difficult practice sessions through a colorful world. Roll up your sleeves and wait for the first wave of marbles to come in! You can use your cursor to move the butterfly and take aim. This can be done by touching the screen of your mobile device in the direction you want to shoot. Hold and slide across the screen to turn around and aim at the same-colored marbles. You need at least three marbles in a group to break and eliminate them. Break the groups in the middle of the same-colored marbles to make a move combo and get rid of a few colors with a shot. Do not forget: the more combos you make at once, the more boosters you get for your next move. Get high scores and purchase boosters at the game shop to take your best to the next level and unlock all levels of this adventure!

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Brave Giant LTD developed Marble Puzzle Blast.

Release Date

March 6, 2023


  • A colorful nature theme
  • Over 120 stages with increasing pace
  • Unlockable items at the game shop
  • Fun achievements


You can use your mouse to play this game.