With Beat Dropper, get ready to enjoy an amazing game while testing your musical aptitude! In this dynamic skill game, you will feel like having a party the whole time. You will be looking forward to completing the levels and find more about following adventures in the game where the world-shaking soundtracks and the endless challenges coexist! If you are ready, then let's go with the rhythm!

In this fun and energic skill game, first, let's turn on the music because the soundtracks will blow your mind! The objective of the game is changing shapes and taking out enemies by moving at the right rhythm. To do so, control your shape given according to the difficulty level you chose by swiping it with your mouse. You have 4 difficulty levels to choose and you can change your preferences at each level. There are 6 fun levels that you should complete to finish the game. Before starting the game, you can preview the soundtrack by clicking on the play button. When the game is started, click on the enemy shapes for swiping your own shape through the others to beat them. With the perfect timing of the rhythm, each kill will earn you points. Don't forget to check your final score at the end. Good luck and follow the spirit!

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HUZ developed this game.

Release Date

June 12, 2019


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Amazing soundtracks to enjoy
  • 6 music adventures to complete
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay


You can play this game with your mouse.