Dive into a fantastic realm with Battle Heroes 3 and build up your dream character in a huge, open world. Discover an extremely realistic character development experience, defend your city, and plan the next financial steps of your kingdom. Choose your skills, invest in your land's future, and decide the fate of a nation!

Choose a class for your character and learn the basic instructions before getting into the action. There is an endless world outside waiting for you to go and explore! Your choices will affect both your character and the lands you are ruling. Keep your walls and towers high and durable against enemy attacks to provide safety for your folks. Get out of your walls daily to destroy enemies and earn experience, so you can level up faster and keep up with the pace of the monsters outside. Kill bandits and evil creatures, interact with characters, and decide what kind of a ruler you will be! You are free to follow any path you choose! Will you steal from your people or act honorably and become a local hero? Loot fallen foes and upgrade your gear to become stronger. Use every chance this medieval fantasy world offers to keep your kingdom on its feet!

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winxland.ru developed Battle Heroes 3.

Release Date

April 26, 2022


Amazing 3D graphics

Balanced experience and level up system

Detailed character improvement

Unlockable gear

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.