With Basketball Fury, you can embrace the competition as you set foot on the basketball court and face rival teams. As one of the most exciting popular sports, you'll love this basketball game even you're not a fan. Are you ready to hear the sounds your shoes make on the polished floor mixed with the cheering of the crowd?

The basketball is bouncy and the audience is happy. It's your time to shine on the court! This game supports up to 2 players, so you can play it by yourself or challenge a friend. Once you’ve decided on the number of players, it’s time to choose a team. Basketball Fury features 15 national teams to choose from: America, Spain, Russia, you name it. After you decide on your team, it’s time to pick one of the three available game modes. You can start a Quick Match, or join a tournament if you're feeling a bit more ambitious. If you're fine with any mode, then hit the random match button. The objective is to score more points than your opponent before the match ends. You can use your mouse and the SPACE BAR to play the game. Sometimes you'll see various power-ups appear on the court. You can collect these to gain an advantage, but their effects are temporary. When you win a match, you'll earn stars. You can spend these stars to upgrade your skills. Go and win every match you can!

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  • Play solo or with 2 players
  • 3 different game modes
  • 8 achievements to earn
  • 4 different skills to upgrade


Use your mouse to move around. Press the left mouse button to throw the ball, press the right mouse button to sprint. Use the SPACE BAR to activate the super shot.