Astro Race turns outer space into a racing track! Choose the planet you want to go to, join races, and advance through leagues! Get the training you need, hop into your spaceship, and ride through space to become an galactic racing legend! Crash into other racers to push them off the center, and take the lead to show who is the best!

As technology evolves, earth races are not a thing anymore. Cars and asphalt tracks are overrated; you need a challenge out of the atmosphere. You do not have to worry about the spacecraft; we have that covered. Just take your training, and start your career from the beginner league. These tracks are nothing like the ones on earth. Here, you must drift while keeping contact with the borders to recharge your booster. Other players might crash into you or change your direction to get ahead of you. You can do the same to them by using the booster and dashing through them. You do not have to win races to progress in your league, but staying close to the top will speed up that progress. Unlock faster cars and new colors by leveling up, and beat your opponents with your matchless driving skills.

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Exodragon developed Astro Race.

Release Date

December 2, 2022


Singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay

Space theme with neon colors

Unlockable vehicles and customizations

Racing tutorials


You can use the left and right arrows to steer and the up arrow to boost.