In American Police SUV Simulator, get ready to protect the peace and put an end to the criminals' actions! A big city means big problems, but with you on patrol, the citizens of this bustling city can rest easy. How many missions can you complete in this immersive 3D game?

These criminals won't seem to stop their plans, so it is up to you to catch them! When you start the game, you will find yourself in a living city. The roads are filled with cars and people, and everything seems to be in order. Use the WASD keys to drive your car and approach yellow markers to accept missions. These missions usually require you to drive your car to a crime scene before you run out of time. Arriving at the spot without running out of time will reward you with money. You can earn money by collecting money bags on the road as well. You can use your cash to customize and upgrade your car and to buy gas when you run out of it. The city is a safer place thanks to you!

This city has many other professions for you to try! Check out Garbage Truck Driving next if you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty! Have fun playing!


Rokito Games developed American Police SUV Simulator.

Release Date

August 02, 2023


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • A big open city to drive into
  • Intuitive controls
  • Different missions to complete
  • Different customization options for your vehicle
  • Entertaining gameplay


  • Use the WASD keys to drive around the city.
  • Use the SPACE BAR to use the brakes.