Challenge your wits in 4 in Row Mania! Here is a fun and challenging puzzle game for you. Focus on the board and calculate your moves in advance to win the game!

In this unique puzzle game, you are going to be challenged by your opponent. You can either play against the computer or have a friend over and play against each other from the same keyboard. Your aim in this game is to create a row of four with your tiles. You will take turns with your opponent, and you can click on the empty spot you want to drop your tile in. You need to get vertical, horizontal, or crosswise streaks without interruption from your opponent. You can also use your turn to drop tiles in the middle of their rows to stop your opponent from having a streak. Choose your difficulty level and see if you can be faster than your rival to win the game!

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Inlogic Software developed 4 in Row Mania.

Release Date

October 10, 2019


• Colorful 2D graphics

• 2-player mode available

• 4 difficulty levels

• Choose your own tile color


You can click on the spots where you want to drop your tile.