Turn your motor on and the lights off in 2D Dark Racing! Hop on your jeep to get all the way across the mountains. Be careful, though. It is pitch dark and you have many rivals. Can you become the winner despite all the conditions?

You will have 30 levels in this racing game. Your aim throughout these 30 levels should be to be the first jeep that reaches the finish line. You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to drive through hills and slopes of the mountain. Jump with the space key and use the shift key for the nitro speed. Be careful while jumping over the gaps and try to do full spins to earn extra cash. You can unlock better vehicles from the garage for better performance with that money. Keep an eye on the indicator from the top of the screen to see your ranking. Now, let’s see if you can become the champion at the end of this journey!

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Vitalitygames.com developed 2D Dark Racing.

Release Date

May 25, 2022


• 2D monochromatic graphics

• 30 levels

• Vehicles to unlock

• Addictive roadmaps to drive through


You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to drive the 4x4 vehicle.