This list includes information about the third parties that your data may be shared with, in the way described in our Privacy Notice.

Under "Category", you will find information about the activity your Personal Data is processed for, such as for customer service. The "Third party" indicates what third party specifically processes your data for the respective category. "Retention time"provides information about the amount of time your data is kept for. The information that is included in this column is based on the information we have received from the third parties. For the most up to date information about the retention times, we refer to the privacy notice of the respective third party, which we have included in this list. In the third-party privacy notices, you will furthermore find information on how they collect and process your personal data.

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Version Last updated
1.0 Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Category Third Party Retention Time Privacy Notice

Ad Monetization

Tunnl B.V. (HeaderLift)

90 days


Amazon Cloud Services

Account Lifetime

Google Ireland Ltd. (Google Cloud Platform)

2 weeks


Google Ireland Ltd. (Google Analytics)

26 months 

Data Management 

Lotame Solutions, Inc

13 months 

Website Functionalities

Google Ireland Ltd. (Google Tag Manager)

For the length of the session

Cloudflare, Inc

30 days

Leaseweb Netherlands B.V.

Length of the session

Tunnl B.V. (Tubia)

72 hours  

Push Notification

Google Ireland Ltd. (Firebase)

Account Lifetime 

3rd Party Login

Facebook, Inc. (Facebook Log-in)

Account lifetime 

Google Ireland Ltd.(Google Sign-in)

Account lifetime 

Azerion Connect

Account lifetime

Game Partners 

Given the amount of game partners, we refer to the respective privacy notices of the game partners.

Key Games Network (Gamedistribution)

See privacy notice

Goodgame Studios

See privacy notice


See privacy notice


See privacy notice

BigPoint GmbH

See privacy notice

GameDesire sp. z o.o (Ganymede)

See privacy notice

Imperia Online Ltd.

See privacy notice

Bytro labs

See privacy notice

InnoGames GmbH

See privacy notice

Whow Games Gmbh

See privacy notice

XS software

See privacy notice


See privacy notice


See privacy notice

Games Rocket

See privacy notice


See privacy notice


See privacy notice


See privacy notice