In Zombie Gunpocalypse, the city is under the attack of the undead, and you are the only one that could stop them. Looking for victims, these zombies are dangerous and deadly. Grab your weapons, and take position! It's time to show the unliving that they should've stayed dead! Can you save the city by defeating each one of them through multiple levels?

Attacking innocents is a crime, whether you're a zombie or not! Unfortunately, these opponents don't have morals, so you have to teach them a lesson in the old fashioned way! Your objective in this game is to clear each level without dying or running out of ammunition. You'll encounter a certain number of enemies. To play the game, you can use your mouse. When you start the level, your character will position themselves, and you can aim with their weapon. Once you point the gun at the enemy, click on the screen with the left mouse button to fire. There are various zombie types, each with different amounts of health. Some can be killed with a bullet, but others will require a more powerful shot. You start the game with a basic pistol, but as you level up, you'll unlock three more weapons. Shotgun sends scattered bullets and can damage more than one enemy. The rocket launcher is ideal for getting rid of a group of enemies, and lastly, the grenade is the most effective solution for enemies behind obstacles. The city needs you, hero!

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kiz10 developed Zombie Gunpocalypse.

Release Date

January 16, 2019


  • 30 challenging levels
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Addictive and entertaining gameplay
  • 4 different weapons to use


Use your mouse to play this game.