Love is in the air with Your Favorite Royal Couple! Be the architect of a lovely and dreamy night for the best couples in the royal world. Our three couples want you to get them ready for a great ball. So, can you help them get ready?

Enjoy the magic of love with the couples that are deeply in love. Your six royal friends made great three couples, and you are so happy for them. Tonight, they have a lovely ball night where they will enjoy their youth and love. They will dance and have fun, and this is what matters, but they also want to look charming as a couple. So, this time, your duty as the tasteful friend you are is to dress up and style your six friends all together. Choose their clothes, accessories, and poses for the couple's photos. Consider the color scheme and theme for each couple, so that they will look amazingly chic together! Now, let’s enjoy this lovely process and get your friends ready for the ball!

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Unify Media Inc. developed Your Favorite Royal Couple.

Release Date

February 10, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Royal princesses and princes to dress up

• Variety of clothes and accessories

• Fun gameplay


You can use your mouse to choose options.