Turn the enemy tanks to dust with World of War Tanks! Drive battle machines through the field, wait for an opening, and shoot your foes before they can get a chance to attack! Collect stars, climb to higher ranks, and dominate your enemies in changing maps!

Complete deadly missions to keep your people safe! This game will test your driving and shooting skills at the same time. You are a tank commander in the middle of a heated war, and the fate of this battle is in your hands. Succeed in your missions to stay one step ahead of the enemy, get to higher ranks, and win the war. There are two main points to your missions: controlling the tank and watching the enemy coordinates to stay alert. You can follow the foe's movements from the red arrow above. Move strategically to attack the enemy from behind, or wait silently and ambush them. Whatever you do, you must focus on not staying face-to-face with the enemy tanks. Stay safe at all costs and earn battle stars. You can use your battle stars to unlock new tanks and upgrade what you have in your hand. Increase your attack and defense, and overwhelm the enemy!

If you are into tanks, you can check out TankWars.io and join multiplayer battles!


Stickman vs Monster School Team developed World of War Tanks.

Release Date

December 9, 2022


Realistic 3D graphics

Challenging missions of different types

Unlockable tanks and upgrades

Maps to choose from


You can use "W, A, S, D" to move and the mouse to shoot.