Save your friend’s day in Wake Up Buddy! Your friend had a long night and came home very late. The bad thing is he must wake up early because he needs to get things done before it's late. He doesn't seem like he will wake up soon, and it is up to you to get him started on the day. Can you wake your wasted buddy?

Waking your friend may not be as easy as it seems. He is sound asleep, and the worst part is he has just come home! You need to start the day first by clicking on the clock. As you tap on the clock you will see it running and the sun rising. When the clock shows 9.45, you need to start waking your buddy. You've tried shouting at him before, but that doesn't seem to work. As hopeless as you can be, you had this brilliant idea to throw stuff at him. It's a big chance for you to relax a little by throwing some stuff, too! Wake him up, again and again, each day. The more you wake him up consecutively, the more money you will earn! You can improve the interior design of the room or have more powerful and different weapons to wake him up with that money. So, be a not so gentle but responsible friend and wake your buddy up!

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Nevar Games developed Wake Up Buddy.

Release Date
November 11, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Multiple levels
• Addictive gameplay
• Unlockable items

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose the options.