Build beautiful cities with the help of your matchless stacking skills with Urban Stack! Place the floors carefully, drop the roof, and unlock a new building for your dream city! Design each aspect of your city carefully, provide bakeries, luxurious restaurants, and ancient temples to your citizens, and show the world how to build paradise on earth!

As the owner of a beautiful land by the sea, it is up to you to build a city and raise it! You can start with the basic needs of your people, and add more services and social facilities with time. Your building skills are especially needed in the construction part. Build your structure floor by floor, and try to keep the building in one piece. Do not let the pieces go too far, or your building will fall apart. Try to reach the goal percentage by placing the pieces with little to no deviation, and unlock new structures. Follow how many citizens you have at the city screen, complete achievements, and claim your rewards to add landscaping to your lands. Return to your old buildings to upgrade their percentages, and invite more people to live in your city. Let's see how good you are with constructions!

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Gameloft SE developed Urban Stack.

Release Date

December 7, 2022


Bright and colorful backgrounds

Improving reflexes and motor skills

Unlockable achievements

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.