With Temple Puzzle, be ready to step into a mysterious temple full of puzzles! As you can understand from the name of the game, the only way out is to hold on to your sublime patience and solve the sliding pictures puzzles. If you have the courage to get in this temple now, let this adventure begin already!

You and your devoted beaver assistant decided to take an adventure throughout the places that no one has stepped to for dozens of years. Thanks to you, the mysteries are about to come to light! In this fun sliding tiles puzzle game, your objective is to slide the tiles in order to create a whole, meaningful image. Start with selecting the level and you will be directed to the puzzle. You will the tiles on the board and drag your mouse to slide the one you picked. What? One tile is missing? Don't worry! Once you solve the puzzle and complete the image, the missing one will appear on the board. You can see the numbers of your moves at the left bottom corner of the game screen. The right side of the slash mark shows the maximum move chances to get a medal given for your gorgeousness. Nice work already! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Kizi developed this game.

Release Date

March 6, 2018


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Various symbols and images to complete
  • Medals to win
  • Fun and engaging gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.