In Sushi Challenge, prove to everyone that you are the best sushi master this town has ever seen! First of all, it appears that congratulations are in order. After all, this is the opening day of your sushi shop. We sincerely hope you do well. The people of this town are accustomed to only the best sushi, and anything less will displease them greatly. Good luck! You'll need it.

Open the doors and let the customers flock in through the door. Be as quick as you can if you want to be successful or close the doors of your restaurant for good! In this puzzle game, your objective is to match at least three of the same sushi and fill the bellies of the customers with delicious sushi. You can see the order of the customer above their head. You need to find the sushi they want and match at least three to fill the bar. When you serve the customers sushi, you'll earn points. Try not to waste a move or you'll lose points. Be quick since the bar also serves as a timer. If the bar reaches its end, you'll lose the game. When you make combos or match more than three sushi, you'll earn bonus points. When the bar is full, the next customer will walk in. Have fun playing!

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MarketJS developed Sushi Challenge.

Release Date

April 28, 2021


  • 4 different people to serve sushi
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Nice 2D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.