Jump well and run fast to escape funny-looking monsters in Super Rainbow Friends! This race is about saving yourself from funky monsters who are not so dangerous. They can even pass as friends but still, you got to run!

This platformer action game begins with a group of players coming together. You are not racing against the other players or trying to be the first one to finish the racetrack. Your only aim is to reach the finish line within the given time. You need to jump over the gaps and obstacles like dynamic walls or balls being thrown at you. Don’t worry if you somehow fall off the platform, though. You can respawn at the last checkpoint and go on automatically from where you left off. When you are automatically moving forth, you should also try to aim at the stars to collect them which will be used to unlock new characters. Now, start the adventure and see how far you can reach!

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kiz10.com developed Super Rainbow Friends.

Release Date

December 15, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Characters to unlock

• Free stars to unlock with awarded ads

• Multiple levels and easy game controls


Click left to jump over the obstacles while the character automatically moves forward. Double-click to jump two times.