With Super Heads Carnival, get ready for an exciting competition against a friend or the CPU! You can test your skills in four different challenges while having lots of fun at the same time. All you need is your keyboard and a little bit of ambition to outpace your opponent. You can travel around the challenges and prove your talents by winning the rounds. If you are ready now, let the game begins!

These heads are as crazy as they are super! In this fun game collection, you will be controlling a small, tiny head. There are four different adventures for you to enjoy. You can either grab a friend and destroy them with your skills or compete against the CPU. Click on the vs. Mode to enjoy 2 player competitions. The first adventure is air hockey. You should score 5 goals to win the match. The second competition is the chicken chase. The one who collects more chicken wins the match. The third competition is all about your cooking skills. Make the jury happy by giving them the correct ingredients so that they can enjoy delicious hamburgers. The last competition is escaping. There is a monster who challenges gravity. Avoid obstacles and run away as long as you can. You can check your total scores and define the winner from the main menu. May the best competitor wins!

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Mad Buffer developed Super Heads Carnival.

Release Date

July 19, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • 1 player and 2 player modes
  • 4 adventures to enjoy
  • Fun and engaging gameplay


You can use your mouse or finger to play this game.