In Tank Wars, take control of a tank and destroy every obstacle that dares to challenge you. Nothing will stop you from protecting your base! Equip your helmet, start the engines.

This game lets you play through more than 100 levels in 4 different difficulties. Are you a novice? Learn the basics and get used to the gameplay on the easiest difficulty. Want to increase the challenge and call yourself a recruit? Increase the difficulty to normal. A piece of cake? That's the spirit! Try medium and hard difficulties and live to tell the tale! Your mission is to destroy every enemy you encounter in each level before they reach to your base. You can see the number of the remaining enemy tanks in the level at the right side of the screen. Use WASD or arrow keys to move and SPACE to shoot. Did they build a wall? Cowards! Obliterate it with your cannons! They can't hide behind the brick walls! You can't pass water bodies but be careful around trees as enemies can hide there. You will encounter 5 different enemy types but fear not! You can use power-ups. Tired of the same old levels? You can design your own with the level editor. Test it out by yourself or with a friend!

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Mad Rayser Studios developed Tank Wars.

Release Date

20 January 2018


  • Multiplayer
  • More than 100 levels, and the ability to create your own levels
  • 5 different enemy types with different characteristics
  • 4 different difficulties


Use your arrow or WASD keys to move. Press SPACE to shoot.