You won't be having a good night's sleep in Skibidi Toilet Haunted Room! These Skibidis are unleashed and they won't stop until all of your team is hunted. How many nights can you survive?

There are multiple modes in this scary game, so are you ready to try them all? In the Classic Mode, you and others are Cameramen and have to defend against the invading Skibidi. Go to bed and start generating coins. Use these coins to build weapons in your room so that when the Skibidi arrives you can attack it. You win this mode by defeating Skibidi. In Develop Together, you team up with other Cameramen, share a room, and try to build defenses to stop the invader. Defense Mode is similar to tower defense games. At the end of a maze, you are sleeping and have to build defenses along the way leading to you. You can switch sides in the Nightmare Mode, and play as Skibidi to hunt the sleeping Cameramen! No matter which mode you play, you can use your mouse to control your character. Don't forget to visit the in-game shop to buy skins and other items to customize your game! Enjoy!

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YAD developed this game.

Release Date

December 7, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Multiple different game modes to try
  • Various skins and items to buy from the in-game shop


Use your mouse to play.