In Siege Hero Pirate Pillage, it is time to use strategy and precise aim to tumble down the pirate ships! It is a super fun destruction game that you can enjoy for free! Wipe out the pirate horde, defend the innocents, and take some gold barrels; your mission is to destroy the ship and its passengers in the lowest number of attempts possible. Good luck!

We need the best player capable of destroying the extremely deadly pirate ship! To win Siege Hero Pirate Pillage, you must shoot stones and other deadly weapons. Before you start firing like a madman, think carefully and deliberately about how to eliminate everyone you need to while still protecting the innocent. Are you all set? Don't be afraid; you're the only person who can stop them! Allowing them to steal all of the valuables here is not a good idea! Destroy the pirate's ship using your strategy. A siege has being planned by Caribbean pirates. Destroy pirate fortresses, sink their ships, and eliminate the crew in this online game. You only have a few chances to complete the level, so choose wisely! Good luck!

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IceStone developed Siege Hero Pirate Pillage.

Release Date

February, 2022


  • Strategy game
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • 2D colorful graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.