Make a new friend and protect him from killer bees in Save the Obby Blox! Check the shield options to find the best protection for your new buddy! Observe the platform and the angles, see what you have in your pockets, and choose the ideal option to survive the next five seconds as an army of bees charges at you!

This funny guy is scared to death, and only you can save him from his worst fear: bees! They are small and angry, and they carry needles in their bodies, so there is not much left to do but use the unbreakable shields you carry everywhere! Start the level to take your first step into this puzzle, and click on the arrow on the top right. Here, you can check all the options and choose one that fits the platform. Grab the piece and carry it to the top of your character. Now place it and see how the bees react to your move. You must survive for five seconds before the attacks end and the champion is announced. Get challenged by new environments, obstacles, and platforms on each level, and see how you do under the harshest circumstances!

If you enjoy this fun-themed puzzle, you can check out Protect My Dog 2 and use your drawing skills to fight the bees!

Developer developed Save the Obby Blox.

Release Date

May 19, 2023


  • Funny character designs
  • Various block options to use
  • Improving logic skills
  • Fun levels


You can use your mouse to play this game.