In Run Pig Run, control cute little pigs and take them to an exciting cardio workout! Running is not the best activity for swine, but the ones in this game are so energetic. Through the long track, many challenging obstacles are awaiting them. Can you keep up with their pace and help them finish their eventful jog in safety?

The word of pigs going on a jog is spread around the forest, and many hungry denizens are looking for fast food! In such a dangerous forest, these pigs will need your help! Run Pig Run has 2 different and entertaining game modes, and each has an objective of their own. In the classic adventure mode, you try to keep your pigs alive as long as you can until they reach the finish line. Keep in mind that the track on this mode is pretty long, and you should always keep your attention on the screen. You'll encounter many different obstacles, from hungry animals to mud pits and even wolf traps. Puzzle mode has shorter levels. You unlock levels in this mode by completing certain miles on the adventure mode. Your objective in this mode is to try to figure out how to dodge the different barriers by using the upgrades. You can buy these from the in-game shop, with coins you collect during gameplay. Can you keep your pigs alive long enough to unlock all the puzzle levels?

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Vlad G developed Run Pig Run.


  • 10 different achievements to earn
  • 2 different game modes
  • An in-game shop to buy upgrades
  • Colorful 2D graphics


Press 2 or the left mouse button to jump. Press down arrow key to jump to a lower platform. Double click the 2 or the left mouse button to perform a double jump. Press the up arrow key to start flying. To stop flying, either press 2 or the left mouse button.