Lead a group of rockets and bomb the enemy base with Rocket Fest! Command missile toward the right way, use the math portals to multiply and increase your firearm numbers, and reach the base with the most crowded group of missiles! Take some missions twice not to leave unfinished business, and bring home victory!

Modern war does not use soldiers to attack the enemy powers; it uses remote-controlled missiles! In this war, you are in control. Our main goal is to multiply our missile numbers as much as possible and do the maximum harm to the enemy’s military base. The ocean won’t stop you from shooting all the tanks down! Pick up the first missile and start moving! Slide left and right to avoid obstacles and go through the green portals. These portals increase your numbers while the red ones decrease them. You lose all missiles if you hit an obstacle. Watch out and react quickly to make it to the finish line. Do not miss the yellow upgrade boosters; they upgrade your power, increasing the damage your missiles do. You get paid per successful mission; do not forget to upgrade your starting stats and get out on the field with extra advantages!

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YAD.Com developed Rocket Fest.

Release Date

August 18, 2022


Simple controls

Colorful 3D graphics

Upgradable stats

Improving math skills

Available online


You can use your mouse to hold and move the missiles.